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We offer a full range of display solutions for endoscopy systems


Endoscopes are increasingly becoming standard equipment in ENT (otolaryngology), gynecology, urology, and cosmetic medical clinics across the globe. The most typical applications are for diagnosis, client communication and education, monitoring changes over time, general examinations, and other similar purposes.

Display Solutions for Endoscopy Systems

The quality of the images captured during an endoscopy is paramount. However difficult the situations may be, a medical diagnosis is often aided by clear recognition of sensitive structures.

Monitor solutions from Biomedical Equipment are available at a reasonable price and boast excellent image quality, brightness, contrast, color reproduction, and hardware reliability. The monitor can be cleaned with disinfectants thanks to the built-in protective glass and its several anti-reflective settings. Our state-of-the-art, flat designs, cable covers, and necessary certifications make for a seamless addition to the endoscopic setup.